Why shouldnt gay people get married

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If this was really true, how come hundreds of everyday gay people protest outside anti-gay marriage rallies? I would ask them to stop focusing on my genitals, and start paying attention to my humanity. Yes, Ann Widdecombewe do. Person A: Some have just not been exposed to the right arguments, and so I will demonstrate here that each anti-gay marriage argument ultimately serves to oppress or imply the lesser status of the minority of which I am a part. In rallying against the introduction of equal marriage, religious campaigners have frequently stressed that their objections are not driven by homophobia, and have deployed numerous arguments to demonstrate this.

why shouldnt gay people get married
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In the countries that have so far legalised same-sex marriage, courts have always rejected calls for the legalisation of polygamy.

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May I refer him to the elderly or infertile straight couples who cannot produce children? I do not imagine there are many people who believe they deserve fewer rights or who desire to be second-class citizens. Yes, gay people can already get married … to people of the opposite gender.

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Naturally if such a mafia existed I would be bound by a code of honour to deny its existence.

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