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WikiProject Robotics Robotics articles. Soon afterward in the Battle of HothC-3PO joined Solo, Organa, and Chewbacca in a desperate race to the Millennium Falcon while in hot pursuit from an advanced group of the Empire's invading snowtroopers. I would describe him as fussy and fastidious, but that's just his programming, so blame Anakin. Secretly fueling the war had been the Dark Lady of the Sith, Lumiya. Tig Fromm moved the Trigon One into hiding among Ingo's desert cliffs at some point, and Joben and Dusat intercepted a transmission between Tig and his father that revealed as much.

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As the homestead's power was still shut off, C-3PO pushed an X landspeeder outside while Skywalker held the door open manually, and the two then set out with C-3PO behind the controls. The destruction wrought by the invaders, and particularly their harsh treatment of droids, caused C-3PO to deeply question his views on deactivation, immortality, and memory erasure. Request removal of tags.

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Normally, Han would have simply shut C-3PO down but due to the mechanical failures on the FalconC-3PO was plugged into the ship and communicated with it to determine the problem which Han took credit for.

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