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Tom is openly gay and one of the so-called 'Others' who reside on the island. The relationship between Bo and Lauren became popularly referred to as "Doccubus". In Murder HouseChad and his partner Patrick are the former owners of the haunted house around which the first season centers. Tales of the City before Netflix, explained. Quentin Costa is openly bisexual. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved June 14,

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The Mary Sue.

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In 5x06, when a suspect asks if he can get dressed before going to the police station, Peck tells him that he will be escorted by her fellow officer Nick Collins because "I don't do the boys anymore. Life goes on". She is a superhuman who did not know she was a member of the supernatural Fae world until she was discovered by them. Zoe struggles with her sexuality until admitting to herself she is lesbian.

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Sally Hawkins Elaine Cassidy.

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