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He gave him a fucking Ferrari to drive for God's sake. Does that make him some kind of camp gay hanger-on? Okay, so assuming he is a FOD, what type of man does he go for, either then or now? But I guess she was about 45 at the time, and Selleck was about 64, so I guess she still would have been attractive to a man that age, and probably more realistically attainable than some of the other younger women on the set. I didn't read the article. He has had long sexual relationships with men when he was young. I said I did.

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I just can't like him.

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Is Tom Selleck gay?

He angrily reassures those who know him that he is heterosexual. There have been at least three different posters here at DL who have had sex with Tom Selleck, all men. Although the other reporters leave after getting their story, one stays behind: Only in a suit, R2. Okay, so assuming he is a FOD, what type of man does he go for, either then or now? When he made a couple of westerns with fellow hot looker Sam Elliott, Selleck looked great, but Elliott's presence was far more masculine, IMHO anyway. I don't know why that person is here lying because Tom Select IS gay.

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I think he comes from a privileged background and was on a boarding school, many gay guys from rich families have family and are closeted. It should, in fact, look easy. I usually don't believe the rumors except for those hiding in plain sight Wentworth Miller, Lance Bass for agesbut Selleck is the motherfucking ideal of the Tom of Finland Leather Daddy look and I can't see how he would resist all offers. I left a couple of agents because of this. This, plus the fact that his performances have always included a self-deprecating element of rueful introspection, also not an aspect of the typical leading man. Having learned of the ensuing media blitz while in Los AngelesCameron flies to his hometown with his supermodel girlfriend Shalom Harlow to support his former teacher. Tom of Finland is stroke by stroke Burt Reynold's face, with some insanely huge Colt model's body.

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