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Essays in Intonation, Prosody and Paralanguage. Are lesbians less susceptible to invoking negative female stereotypes than heterosexual women? Evolution and Human Behavior. Of the 20 speakers of Sulpizio et al. On the one hand, we tested whether voice would lead to stereotypical inferences and discrimination.

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What do recruiters consider important during the employment interview?

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Gay- and Lesbian-Sounding Auditory Cues Elicit Stereotyping and Discrimination

If categorization plays an important role as part of the indirect paththen participants who perceived the two speakers as being of different sexual orientation should show greater stereotyping. Again, each photograph was accompanied by written information about the candidate name and city that was identical to the information contained in the audio file. However, when comparing the judgments of those who chose the gay-sounding and those who chose the straight-sounding speaker, we found no significant difference either for the male or for the female voice. Finally, behavioral intention was measured. For female candidates, the same prediction was advanced. The more feminine the candidate was perceived, the lower the hireability likelihood and the lower the salary allocated to him.

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Perceptions of sexual orientation from minimal cues. Journal of Nonverbal Behavior. Perceived masculinity‚ÄĒfemininity alone was sufficient to produce an inversion effect, but this effect became stronger when inferred sexual orientation came into play. However, this result is open to two different explanations, one based on social categorization, the other on a direct effect of voice on stereotyping Blair et al. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. In our case, the greater impact of voice over face was particularly true for gay male speakers, but was, to some degree, also found for female candidates as the evaluation mediated by stereotyping was driven by auditory and not by visual cues. The acoustic and perceptual bases of judgments of women and men's sexual orientation from read speech.

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