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Like this: Write clearly and joyfully, letting your readers know that your writing represents a genuine attempt on your part to work through the problem at hand—which should always, always be a problem for you too, and not an idle academic pursuit. Well, of course. Nietzsche knows he can be a joker and a jester; in dressing him up as he has been above, we are reminded of that aspect of his persona. But what is so funny here?

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As he almost always does, Nietzsche sends out a message to all future writers and philosophers:

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Finally, it might also be that we associate Nietzsche with laughter, for he often makes us laugh out loud when we read him. The highest feeling of power and sureness finds expression in a grand style. It is no secret. Our task was made easier, of course, by the text and its writer.

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The reasons why such a class meeting represents an ideal for this teacher of philosophy should be evident from my descriptions above.

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