How to be transsexual

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Start the process early. Gender dysphoria does not necessarily mean a sad mood. Even though you may not wish to undergo all of the medical procedures, it is still essential that you educate yourself on the entire process. A Anonymous Oct 17, First, file a petition to change your name with the Chancery division of your Circuit Court.

how to be transsexual
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For some transgender people, the difference between the gender they are thought to be at birth and the gender they know themselves to be can lead to serious emotional distress that affects their health and everyday lives if not addressed.

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Gender non-conforming people may or may not be transgender. Altering your masculine features will make it easier for you to pass as a female. Most people who were labeled male at birth turn out to actually identify as men, and most people who were labeled female at birth grow up to be women. My father is supportive.

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I always knew from a very early age 3 years old that I identified as a girl, despite being born a boy.

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