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Retrieved 5 April Must you approach men with lust instead of women? Kutty, who in the past wrote in support of allowing Islamic principles in dispute resolution, also noted that "most Muslims have no problem extending full human rights to those—even Muslims—who live together 'in sin'". For the Western reader, the thought is almost irresistible to wonder if they might have had a sexual, as well as a deeply spiritual, relationship. Rumi, as a forty-year-old man engaged in ascetic practices and teaching Islamic law, to say nothing of his obsession with following the example of the Prophet, would not have submitted to the penetration of the sixty-year-old Shams, who was, in any case, like Rumi, committed to following the Prophet and opposed to the worship of God through human beauty.

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It can be viewed on YouTube in six parts:

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Homoerotic poetry of South Asian Sufis

Because of this threat and their conservative familial backgrounds, many Al-Fatiha members chose anonymity to protect their identity. Treatment and human rights situation of homosexuals" PDF. The Pakistan Penal Code oforiginally developed under colonialismpunishes sodomy with a possible prison sentence and has other provisions that impact the human rights of LGBT Pakistanis, under the guise of protecting public morality and order. The paucity of concrete prescriptions to be derived from hadith and the contradictory nature of information about the actions of early authorities resulted in lack of agreement among classical jurists as to how homosexual activity should be treated. What applies to one group applies to the other. There are five references in the Mathnawi to the fate of the people of Lot. On the 26th of Juneclerics affiliated to the Pakistan -based organization Tanzeem Ittehad-i-Ummat issued a fatwa on transgender people where a transwoman born male with "visible signs of being a woman" are allowed to marry a manand a transman born female with "visible signs of being a man" are allowed to marry a woman.

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InAl-Muhajirounan international organization which sought the establishment of a global Islamic caliphatebut which is now a banned and defunct, issued a fatwa ruling declaring that all members of Al-Fatiha were murtadd apostatesand condemning them to death. Since marriage is a contract premised on vaginal intercourse and financial obligation between a man and a woman, same-sex couples could not engage in one. The New York Times. The Muslim community as a whole, worldwide, has become polarized on the subject of homosexuality. Before Homosexuality in the Arab-Islamic World — In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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