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Counting down the days I like the pool in the back although I'd never get in. But Chris said he worries that Obama — like Clinton — will deal cutbacks to what he said was an already strapped military. A faltering economy at home and fears about post-military life have become pressing concerns to soldiers like Chris. In spite of regulations prohibiting bars and restaurants from serving homosexuals, gay nightlife was expanding albeit predominantly underground until the community came out swinging following the historic raid at the Stonewall Inn, much regarded as the birth of the LGBT rights movement.

Come join us if you are down by the shore for our last night out as single men!

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Club Paradise

At least the drinks are good Log into your account. It's all fun and games until we actually leave the house without a chaperone. Club Duval in Linden NJ. From this point on, we let it be known we would no longer settle for subservience and went on to reach incomparable accolades in the fight for equality to which gay nightlife proved to be an increasingly booming business coming into the 21st century.

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However, he feels that recent flaws have aided in causing the closures that the scene has been experiencing as of late. As I remember when my Husband J. It's all fun and games until we actually leave the house without a chaperone. HRC is doing nothing again. If you can't, I'm sure we'll be there dancing again as married men for the rest of the summer! Photo contributed by Pam Krajci.