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The footnote appends a passage worth quoting both for what it says and how it says it. Last month, 62 disaffected Catholics, including one retired bishop and a former head of the Vatican bank, published an open letter that accused Francis of seven specific counts of heretical teaching. We'll know if that's the case in short order. To carry out its work all over the world, it depends on voluntary labour. It has a long history of punishing theologians who disagree:

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Make an attempt to understand what he says before you throw your slander.

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Illinois bishop plans gay-marriage ‘exorcism’

By doing so, he made an implacable enemy. One reason he was chosen by his fellow cardinals was to sort out the sclerotic bureaucracy of the Vatican. But inside the church, his reforms have infuriated conservatives and sparked a revolt. So is the leadership of the American Catholic church. But so is the second fact: He loathes and condemns American capitalism: But does that really wash?

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Those who hate him most are not atheists, or protestants, or Muslims, but some of his own followers. He kept silent himself, and encouraged the bishops to wrangle. A year later, the conservatives were in a clear minority, but a very determined one. The Bishop of Spingfield is not in conflict with Pope Francis at all, despite however hard you allude he is. This is not a practical way to ensure there are future generations of Catholics.