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Maldjian, J. Op de Macks, Z. Krach, S. Sexbeauty and the orbitofrontal cortex. Later this year a fleet of self-driving robotic vehicles will be spreading the joy of pizza throughout the Houston area for the famous pizza manufacturer, using delivery cars made by the Silicon Valley startup Nuro. To exclude participants with poor signal due to either head motion or scanner conditions, average signal-to-noise ratio SNR over time was calculated for each subject after preprocessing, using a mask that included only voxels with appreciable EPI signal. Filimon, F.

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Findings and discussion In the following sections we will analyse the general characteristics of the collected video data used for content analysis.

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Studies highlight various factors, such as anonymity and asynchronicity, which contribute to users disclosing more online than they necessarily would in a face-to-face situation Krasnova et al. APS 16— Region of interest analysis using an SPM toolbox.

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