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About this book This book offers an interdisciplinary study of hip-hop music written and performed by rappers who happen to be out black gay men. The series ran from October to October and centered on the lives of Black gay men living in Los Angeles. The stress that the friend alleviated for herself through her passing fell onto those who could not or would not pass for straight. Age of Consent, though never commercially successful, helps historicize queer political rap. This achievement was noteworthy for LGBT hip-hop as it is the first time an openly gay white rapper earned a Top 10 single on the Billboard Club Play chart. There are signs that things are changing. Ironically, Hank is the least well dressed and traditionally handsome of the three members of Sugarhill Gang.

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The power of seeing queer Black men doing hip hop cannot be overstated.

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That night, I felt part of something incredibly special. Los Angeles-based rapper Thed Jewel shared debut track "Fuchsia " ". They signaled a shift from queers rapping as an isolated entity, and differed from a quietly queer-identified person making a hip hop record.

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