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Who was surprised here? Accident - Fall Remains: Carver also knew Henry A. Hi, Plantguy--i agree and apologize for any comments that sounded as if I were accusing you, rather than criticizing the tone of the article. On arrival, Carver was mocked by surprised southern farmers, but he was not deterred and began to explain some of the many uses for the peanut. The article repeats the same attempts to discredit Carver over and over, in a style that is not echo'd in any other article.

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Patterson gave him until April 1, to leave Tuskegee's campus.

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Seriously, how do I dispute this piece of quasi-racist propaganda masquerading as an encyclopedia article? Carver's interaction with farmers and industry but absolutely no reference is made to the environment of the day. Please add the following honor to the "Legacy and Honors" section:. None of the novel uses for peanuts that Carver originated was ever a commercial success. McMurry, George Washington Carver: Inthe National Park Service suppressed their commissioned, expert evaluation of Carver's scientific accomplishments because Carver's real accomplishments were so much less than the popular legends. His secretary, Jessie Abbott, wrote a letter to H.

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At this point in his life, Dr. Crop rotation had been practiced since ancient times and was advocated by many Americans before Carver. The Encyclopedia Britannica describes Carver's work as "helping to revolutionize" southern agriculture. Within a few years, the demand for peanuts had grown so much that crop rotation was no longer a financial sacrifice for farmers. The main point is that the idea of Carver as a wizard inventor is a popularized myth. His accomplishments were exaggerated to the point of outright falsehood, by all sides: Curtis was that Dr.

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