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I'll trash Alabama and every Dixie racist hateful kudzu-infested Southern Confederate-lovin' backwater state that I want. I think I know who R62 is. Anyone sodomized with a broom handle this week? They've got you all figured out the moment you walk in the door! Atlanta is very Black-tastic! I'm perfectly out in a notoriously homophobic profession with no issues.

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Anyone else from Bham?

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Gay Life in Birmingham AL.

I have a life. Depending on your device, get turn by turn driving directions from Google, Apple, Waze. Otherwise Mountain Brook is the place to invest your money. You can also be fired from your job in Alabama and the rest of the South for being gay, because anti-discrimination laws there don't include gays and lesbians. The South does not adjust to you.

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The Birmingham gay scene is diverse and welcoming, and includes students from the local University. I live in Birmingham because in my relatively specialized medical field, I have a well paying job with an institution UAB that has supported me. But you won't be beaten in the streets, either. Gip's Place in Out of town. I was threatened by some rednecks at a motel in Jasper in Birmingham is made of approximately 35 different and distinct municipalities. The gay clubs tend to come and go here, but there's always a couple of great places to hang out and find like-minded folk.

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