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You never give up on anything really; you never give up on yourself and the people around you. Is this the real reason for this 'diversionary tactic'? Does it really exist? Her cat, Pebbles, also receives his share of love letters. Older brothers really ARE the biggest bullies: Blue is the colour! It's been like a demolition ball.

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She chose to sacrifice her youth and the potential to marry and have a family.

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So, while the appreciation of the "deeper meaning" of the Susan Boyle phenomenon is certainly laudable, it also flies in the face of how most of us live our lives, moment to moment, day by day. I was raised, after all, in a culture that's not only homophobic but also sexist and racist -- and age-ist and size-ist in ways that inevitably color my first impressions of someone like Susan Boyle. Her audition was broadcast to 11 million viewers on 11th April, We know already, so I don't really think you need to keep referring to it. If she had 'mentioned' her toilet habits would you have written about them too? She's a singer with a good voice like so many others. Your coverage of Ms Boyle is childish, demeaning and discriminatory.

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What's wrong with just saying "who's never been kissed", which is how others are more respectfully describing her, and how she described herself? Susan Boyle just happened to sing a song on a talent show, she is not responsible for the worlwide reaction to her performance, in fact she herself probably thinks it may have gone a bit too far, so please don't automatically align the two completely contrasting pesonalities. Or is BBC now can only hire amateur journalists? We all make mistakes though, so perhaps you just got it wrong. My dream is to make people happy and to go on making people happy for as long as it lasts, so it's not really complete.

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