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He prefaced his answer by saying he would reserve judgment because he hadn't spoken with Dungy. Louis' training camp, laughed and brushed off Dungy's critical comments. What you need to know about Kyler Murray choosing football Oakland Athletics. Dungy posted a video on his site "All-Pro Dad" encouraging Tim Tebow to be "patient" because the right situation would find him. The best way to celebrate it would be to leave him alone and let him play football.

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Michael Sam should be commended d Dan Graziano.

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Dungy: Sam deserves NFL chance

Metcalf You do not want to mess with D. There will be people in positions of power and influence who react badly to this. That's my opinion as a coach. We've been covering and anticipating this story for a while without a name or a date. The remarks caused a stir for Dungy, who advocated for quarterback Michael Vick 's return to the league after he was convicted in on dogfighting charges. Saint Bonaventure defeated Saint Joseph's on Jan. There was an error processing your subscription.

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Tony Dungy sought Tuesday to clarify remarks he made regarding Michael Samsaying the openly gay linebacker who was drafted by the St. What happens next is what's most interesting here. Vick and the author first met when she was working at a strip club. And the generational identity of so many NFL decision-makers and media discussion-framers has to be part of the reason gay football players remain reticent. Surely, this young man knows all of this and is making his decision at least in part because of it. This has been a topic in locker rooms for several years now, and when it comes up, players routinely shrug.

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