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Was it in an attempt to further his career? He's not someone who looks good with Brylcreamed hair -- just accentuates his chipmunk cheeks. I think he's straight. He leans over my shoulder; I can feel his lips on my ear, his liquored breath vibrates my eardrum. Day Out of Days.

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His eyes are gorgeous.

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Vincent Kartheiser

Contents 1 Who is Vincent Kartheiser? He tries to be a clown most of the time, and can be quite hilarious, but sometimes his inability to reign it in and be serious gets on his costars' nerves. For the last time, REIN it in!!! May 05 The capture is from the European release from what I heard. Or maybe it was an affair with Larry Clark, but Clark is straight.

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That's a trait most former child actors share. I wish when people post stuff they'd source it! Akinnuoye-Agbaje Andrews de Ravin M. He likes to be on the bottom. Stop being so cryptic, R But I don't think I'm rich.

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