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Or worse than nothing: Queer fans have lobbied since for a romantic relationship between Poe and Finn—a move Boyega would support, as he indicated in an October interview. Screen grabs of allegedly loaded looks between Poe and Finn have added to the rumours. Sorry, Star Wars fans, you're not getting that Old Republic trilogy you wanted. The story, Of MSE-6 and Men by Glen Weldon, is actually told from the point of view of G7, a MSE-6 series or 'mouse' repair droid, who unwittingly becomes a go-between, helping the lovers pursue their affair.

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I saw the man I wanted to be.

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Writers of immensely popular characters, including Harry Potter author J. Fan-made videos splicing together scenes of the two characters in The Force Awakens have proliferated on the internet. But there's one romance which fans have been clamoring for ever since Poe Dameron Oscar Isaac reunited with Finn and insisted the newly minted Resistance hero hold onto his jacket.

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Fans have started to create romantic art pairing up the two handsome leads, so could the famous franchise be poised to break the biggest barrier of all?

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