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This was clearly impossible, as — by definition - a seeder is someone who has completely downloaded a file. It is important that these matters be publicly debated; our intention in this paper is not to enter into this debate, however, but to introduce a methodology that can be used to provide objective evidence about the true nature of copyright infringement over BitTorrent networks. We tried to use as many relevant words as possible, we hope you guess why. It contains the expected filenames of the shared files, the number of fragments in the file, and the hash of each fragment, so that the client can verify that the file has been reconstructed correctly. The following trackers did not allow a full server scrape to occur: This scrape was downloaded in a similar way to a normal HTTP download.

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In the discussion, we identify future areas for enhancement especially in fake file detectionand reflect on the limitations of sampling methodologies and biases arising from undertaking large-scale analyses of this kind.

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From a technical perspective, the most pressing limitation to this research is that large BitTorrent sites - such as The Pirate Bay — are moving away from the public tracker based model. The gay scene is still very modest and cannot be compared with Western Europe, e. From the new sample, 98, files were given a filename, out of 2, torrent files found, andfilename guessing attempts. We sampled from a list of the most popular public trackers for the most popular searches.

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Out ofattempts to determine the filename - accounting for

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