Transgender college financial aid problems

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See some profiles of students from a photo essay on TNGG. Senior year of high school became split between migrating through the homes of sympathetic friends and teachers and working the night shift full-time to support himself financially. Check us out at www. Still, Southern, rural, conservative and historically black campuses have been slower to take action, Windmeyer says, though not for a lack of students wanting it. Without the question, there would be one less barrier in the way for already-marginalized students accessing higher education. These social and physical challenges are directly connected to barriers in obtaining financial aid: Sanlo as his "saving grace.

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Queer Voices What's Working Transgender.

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Disowned LGBT Students Need Financial Aid Help

But schools in other parts of the country are also taking positive steps to make their campuses more trans-inclusive, often thanks to an out trans or gender non-conforming faculty member or student pushing for change. Because of the unusual nature of my situation, I spend two weeks every spring quarter filling out paperwork and hunting down signatures to ensure that my financial aid is in order. Until then, the Department of Education operates under the assumption that parents are providing toward their child's postsecondary education for the foreseeable future. Working Around the System. This surgery, which physically changes someone from one biological sex to another, is itself a large and expensive undertaking — and not something every trans person has a desire to do. As more and more young people are thinking about gender in non-binary termsWindmeyer argues schools ought to take action sooner than later -- not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because he believes being inclusive benefits a campus's bottom line, too. He will be entering law school next fall.

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In this case, they may not be required to enroll in the Selective Service and therefore would not be subject to the complex set of challenges trans people face when applying for federal funding. Eleven percent of respondents also reported that they lost or could not receive financial aid or scholarships because of their gender identity or expression. The change is meant to make directions clearer, the direct result of a comment on an earlier version of the draft. Once on campus, trans students also sometimes face obstacles when it comes to changing their gender markers and preferred names on university records; to accessing safe restrooms that reflect their gender identity both in a housing setting and around campus; and to accessing student health insurance coverage inclusive of trans-related surgeries, such as hormone therapy or gender confirmation surgery. By posing the question this way, it has entirely left out students whose experiences with gender are not black and white. The majority of the schools that have already taken action on creating a safer and more welcoming climate for trans students are located in urban or progressive areas that have typically already been working on gay and lesbian issues for some time, Windmeyer noted.

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