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Adoption of Russian children by single homosexuals or same-sex couples in foreign countries that do recognise same-sex marriage. Retrieved 23 January At one banya my girlfriend was even given a free platzka. Wolfgang 21 December I lay flat on my stomach on the third and hottest tier of the sauna while Oleg brushed hot, soapy water on my back with a large bunch of oak leaves and then proceeded to whip me with them.

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Relatives of those who displease the authorities are threatened, beaten, held hostage, expelled from the republic or have their homes burned down.

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Retrieved 13 February In the more northerly regions, dark conifers are common, and, in the Northern Urals, the Siberian cedar is widespread. Archived from the original on 30 October

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Kadyrov ensured that his fighters were integrated into the local police force, largely preserving the command chains, and their violent skills were deployed in heavy-handed counterterrorism operations on behalf of the Kremlin.

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