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Rick Warren on gay marriage: These attackers are not the enemy, they are the mission field — they are people that Jesus shed his precious blood for," he said. Concluding his talk, Warren pointed to Ephesians chapter five, where marriage is described as a reflection of Christ's love for the Church. And just because we break God's laws, does not invalidate them. It's a picture of Christ and his Church.

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I knew it in my heart, but I had never been told that from the pulpit.

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Rick Warren on gay marriage: 'The Church must not cave in'

Warren encouraged those gathered to celebrate healthy marriages; "We have to be a proponent of what's right, not just an opponent of what's wrong," he said. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Over the past decade, evangelical support for gay marriage has more than doubled, according to polling by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute. I may deny the law of gravity, but it doesn't change gravity. Increasingly, even evangelical Christians, long known for doctrinally condemning homosexuality, are embracing gay people, too.

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Warren argued that God reveals his presence and his character through marriage, that gender ideology "confuses our identity and destroys our dignity" and that the covenant of marriage and the act of sex parallel an intimate relationship with God. Truth is truth," he added. How loss and pain can bring us nearer God. It should lead the crowd, not follow it, he insisted. The dustbins of history are stuffed with conventional wisdom of cultures that proved false, and truth is not decided by a popularity contest. We must keep running the race with our eye on the goal, not on those shouting from the side line. It is a total myth that we must compromise and give up on biblical truth and marriage in order to evangelise.

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