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The cum in his mouth was salty and thick. Link was shocked at how much these men were producing, but it just made him harder and harder, seeing all these men shooting everywhere. It didn't matter at the moment though, he just wanted to focus on the pleasure. Fifty ruppees per vial. He was even slapped when his teeth even barely scraped the man's length. How does it feel to have your greatest enemy fucking your face like this? He looked hungry for it and that's what the evil man liked.

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When his body finally relaxed, he was able to get air in his burning lungs, he panted and clung to Ganon desperately.

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I really like you and I'd love to accompany you on whatever you're doing, Linky" Priapus said, hoping Link would agree. I would've gladly killed you, but I thought of something greater: Most of all, he hated how much he liked it. He wished he thought of this much sooner, this was perfect! He couldnt-shouldn't be so damn into this!

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After Priapus tightened around Link, he couldn't bear it anymore, and came inside of his partner, filling his hole up completely. In some way, he found it kind of kinky that he was sleeping with the enemy, and even more kinky he was tied up. Link watched as the man grabbed a bottle from goddesses know where, and collected a bunch of cum from one of the moaning ukes. He didn't like what had happened today, how easily he lost control. Link was staring at the sky in bliss.

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