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Moroccans are generous with their time, and extend courtesies that might seem to you like impositions, from walking you to your next destination to inviting you home for lunch. Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Morocco. Mosques provide moments of sublime serenity in chaotic cities and busy village market days, and even non-Muslims can sense their calming influence. This practice of honouring marabout s is more in line with ancient Berber beliefs and Sufi mysticism than orthodox Islam, which generally discourages anything resembling idol worship. In the north and southern part of the country, many people also speak Spanish instead or alongside French. We have sensitive stomachs so we stayed away to air on the side of caution.

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Exchange rates for Moroccan dirham As of January

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All numbers are ten digits long, counting the initial 0 and the whole number must be dialled even for local calls within the same area code. Some hanbels include Berber letters and auspicious symbols such as the evil eye, Southern Cross and Berber fibule brooch in their weave. Scooters zigzag through traffic, cutting off cars.

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Price is about half that of a grand taxi.

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