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In the following years, film, novels, plays including the Laramie Project and many other works of art would be inspired by Shepard's story, and the Matthew Shepard Foundation has become a powerful force in the queer community. Check it out. Episcopal Church. After McKinney and Henderson were arrested, Henderson waived his pre-trial investigation and took a plea agreement, agreeing to two life sentences. His murderer, James Miller Jr.

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Recognizing advances — gay marriage is legal and members of the military no longer fear being discharged for sexual preferences that do not align with the mainstream — they point to increases in violence and hate crimes, which the FBI says dipped slightly last year after four years of increase.

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McKinney hit Shepard about 20 times in the head and face with the end of the pistol, Marsden said, before the two stole Shepard's shoes, got in their truck and drove back to town. Multiple names: The police intervened and created a human barrier between the two groups.

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What to know about its history, events, parades.

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