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I could feel the slipperiness of his pre-cum. In my mind, logically, I know that he can never give me what I want or need. A Hooker I"m Not. It was only seconds before his breath caught in his throat, eyes rolled back in their sockets, and he shot ropes of cum all over his smooth chest. Fucked by an African Tribal Chief.

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Andy reached up with his large hand and ran it down JD's sweat- coated chest, past his paunchy stomach, and ending on JD's throbbing cock.

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He seemed apprehensive, but who wouldn"t in his position. I hears fags give the best head. I didn't know that could feel so wonderful. My cock was demanding relief, almost aching with need. JD ran his hand gently up and down his chest.

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I'll never forget as Barry undressed to take a shower. I'm talkin' about full-on bump and grind shit. JD sucked and gnawed on the folds of flesh that formed on Andy's shoulder, back, and upper arms as he stretched his muscles. At first it was a slight movement, and I realized that Barry was shaking the bed. Andy bit his lip, still worried, as he leaned forward, curling JD's body up and bit more and bringing the head of his cock closer to JD's ass. JD pushed the shirt over Andy's shoulders and down his thick arms, finally sliding it off and tossing it to the side.

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