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When the boys first entered middle school they thought everything would remain the same between them, but soon found out otherwise as Sesshomaru's growing popularity allowed him less and less time to spend with Inuyasha. He shoved his cock back in and pounded him upside down. Staring back with those golden ones, Inuyasha sighed. While rubbing his neck Inuyasha asks, "What? As an insult not literally, though very tempting to watch… I just didn't want you hurting my Inuyasha.

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But even through all of the abuse and time that passed, Inuyasha still couldn't bring himself to stop loving his former best friend.

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I dont's own Inuyasha or any of it characters and all that good stuff. Blushing from thinking that Inuyasha looked hot like that made him look away as he undid the sash to the kimono, laying it to the side, pushing the top off, grabbing some herbs from under his armor, placing it into the wounds, seeing the form flinch. Besides, pleasing Sess makes the Inu cum so it all worked out. He swirled his tongue around the head, he licked both the sides and the underside, and finally made his way to Sessh's hairless sack. When he took it out, the tip was crimson red and leaking. Of course Koga and Kagome are much closer to completing the jewel than we are. But the scratching only increased, making Inuyasha's breath hitch in his throat and a pleasurable whimper escaped his lips.

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His body jerked forward and he let out a surprised grunt. As soon as he stepped into the classroom he was greeted with his usual dirty hanyou and fag name calling. Should I ask Sango to watch over you? At first Sesshomaru looked shocked, then sad, then disgusted, and finally settling on anger. Sweat was falling more frequently from his face.

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