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Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. A man holding the hand of another man is often assumed to be gay. The flag might fly elsewhere, perhaps in an inner embassy courtyard, as if the US were embarrassed to stand up for equal rights. How can I be sure? More on Magazine.

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It is the right of the Russian peoples to forbid people, through the use of fines, from proselytizing to minors that homosexual acts are healthy and normal.

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Overall this piece feels like feeding into pointless fodder. Faith Cheltenhamthe president of BiNet, uses her platform as a writer to further her activism. Support if your child comes out as bi At Stonewall, we use 'bi' to mean anyone who is attracted to more than one gender. It's found in other animals.

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Hence the fact that the most undeveloped regions on your list, where education tends to be the lowest, are the places that still hold your archaic views.

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