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They had been in the pockets of the movie studios for decades and went along with whatever scenario avoided scandal for the studios. Frankie Howerd — Up Pompeii! The Trouble with Harry Hay: Norton, who now teaches acting and singing while raising her 5-year-old son, Devin, keeps a sense of humor about the shots. That is not possible with percentages. NYPD detective killed by friendly fire while responding to robbery.

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One posed for Playboy, one battles a deadly disease, another drifts between dead-end jobs and another is a successful businessman.

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Gay/Bisexual actors in old TV Series ( Pt 1 )

Guthrie later wrote a column for the latter paper. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Will Geer. I had to realize that that was not where I was going to be anymore. In real life he never married. I had implants, I got sick. Privately, he was a man tormented by a lack of confidence in his own considerable comedic ability, a sufferer of stage fright throughout his long career, and prone to bouts of deep depression. Many people may not know that you suffer from lupus.

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Later that year, Hay and Geer performed in support of the San Francisco General Strikewhere they witnessed police firing on strikers, killing two. I think it hit a nerve at the perfect time. The show also recognized the realities of the time. Will Geer born William Aughe GhereMarch 9, — April 22, was an American actor and social activist, who was active in labor organizing and other movements in New York and Southern California in the s and s. Jason Walton, played by Jon Walmsley Walmsley is still married to actress Lisa Harrison, who played his wife on the show. This was a show about a poor, rural, large family growing up in the Depression. In real life he never married.

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