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There is also another concern. Peter was forced to his knees as the head of a dildo similar to one now occupying his intestines was fed into his mouth. He loved to take tight male anuses and turn them into gaping slut pussies on a permanent basis. Biker guy sucked blood from each vein he spiked and mixed it inside the barrel of the syringe with the others. Thanks for reading my story.

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He squeezed my hardening prick and growled into my ear that I really had no choice in the matter anyway.

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Addicted to chemsex: 'It's a horror story'

Poppers Pig Piss Slut He fucked my hole hard and deep for only a couple of minutes before shooting a huge load inside my guts. It was time to pay some attention to the other orifice that had been stuffed and prepared for his use. This was not done to be kind to Peter however — rather because Ahmet liked to savor this part of his duties. Breeding Ron S Ass Chemsex is identified in the film as the habit of engaging in weekend-long parties fuelled by sexually disinhibiting drugs, such as crystal meth, GHB, GBL and mephedrone.

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Before Chemsex was screened at London Film Festival in October, there were murmurings of disapproval online. I am that pervert and I like the feel of hot cum in my ass. Gaped open, making faint sucking sounds as it reflexively twitched and tried to seal itself closed. Another complaint against the film came from gay men who said: I also want you to work on the pee hole in her clit.

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