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Just next door to the Spanish tapas bar Les Pietons. What I look for in this type of bar is some colorful variety in the crowd and a low level of sexual tension. Perhaps a decent air filtering system would play a part too if everyone is smoking. The age group is varied and the look is innocent and not pretentious. This is for the serious ones, so drama queens and sensitive souls, this is not for you. So what do you call fun? People don't go to the same places at the same time, so be sure to follow our recommendations for the best hours to frequent these fabulous gay bars in Paris!

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That way we can catch our breath later.

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Top Gay Clubs & Bars in Paris, France

Just next to the Doll Museum, so bring your favourite Barbie! Careful of pickpockets and the overpriced coat check. The extra bonus is the downstairs. Practically unknown now in the United States and very few in England, Paris continues its long established tradition of tolerance and freedom and in some cases encouragement of open sexual contact. The four businesses that comprise the main gay circuit of rue des Archives have certain particularities that need mentioning. Gay bars in Le Marais are part of the fun, they all have a different style, always busy, some of them disappeared in the past 5 years due to the incredidible rise of real estate prices in the Marais.

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Open from 9 pm to 3 am. Open 11 am to 6 am daily. Les Maronniers —Food service at all hours which is convenient and nice chestnut trees in front of a big, outdoor terrace, hence the name Maronniers. Generally friendly and drunk upstairs, then ravenous and Caligula-esque downstairs. Friends in their 40s meet after work to decompress here. These are the bars that may or may not have a backroom but do have a cruising atmosphere nonetheless. Be careful where you sit and always count your change.

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