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We then applied these proportions to the preferred estimate of same-sex couples for Webb County, namelyand thus obtained a count of 60 same-sex male couples and 74 same-sex female couples. Same-Sex Couples in the U. Table 2 reports the 10 highest ratios and Table 3 the 10 lowest ratios for same-sex male and lesbian partnering. The economic cost of homosexuality: How valid is this variation?

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Table 1 presents descriptive data for the ratios for gay male couples and lesbian couples among the metropolitan areas inalong with the descriptive data for opposite-sex married couples and opposite-sex cohabiting couples.

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Frontiers’ Parent Company Shuts Down, Leaving the Future of the 35-Year-Old LGBT Magazine in Doubt

Identity and Place in America. That is, most of the metropolitan areas are located below the diagonal line in Figure 2meaning that their lesbian ratios are greater than their gay male ratios. The list goes on and on. March 2 Page Based on the data produced from these two questions, of thesame-sex households enumerated in, were same-sex households where the persons identified themselves as unmarried partners, andwere same-sex households where the persons identified themselves as spouses. The last four months I have not been involved or included in any day-to-day business or involved in this now disputed credit facility.

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I truly hope Frontiers can come back from the grave once again. Metro areas that are more accepting of heterosexual unmarried couples who are living together should be more accepting of gay males and lesbians living together. To illustrate, we have identified by name the observation for the Ithaca metro area; its lesbian ratio is 2. The multivariate analyses reported here are just beginning to address the question of why some metropolitan areas have high same-sex partnering rates and why other areas have low rates. Therefore, the proportions of same-sex male couples and same-sex female couples in Webb County are 0. Perhaps this is a business tactic Frontiers should have adapted.

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