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Another four heterosexual couples were also caned this morning for displaying affection while being unmarried. Go to the nearest leather bar. DO expect and respect smoking areas. Vigilantes found the men having sex in an apartment Homosexuality is illegal under Sharia law, which is in force in Aceh Indonesia appears to be sliding away from its reputed tolerance and pluralism. Go-go dancers, drag queens, and porn stars are not there for free.

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You may get touched, but sex is different.

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He held me, we swayed with the music as he rubbed my chest. A coat check is better, and regardless what you do, you should keep your valuables phone, wallet, keys on your person, but there are ways to have fun sans-check. This is frustratingly true for many gay bars that cater to non-kinky clientele. Public canings on the rise in Indonesia's Aceh. Every body type was on display.

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When they started off, they put in serious work and probably serious travel time to find good equipment and willing players. He held me, we swayed with the music as he rubbed my chest. They spilled out the front and back entrances onto both porches, into the parking lot, down the sidewalk and around the block — men in various states of dress and undress. By Indonesia correspondent Samantha Hawley. As various internet entities crack down on adult content, we may now reasonably ask how kink and leather will survive.

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