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Thank you Walter, it was a great pleasure to talk to you. Halfway through the night, just such a fag crawled up to Him, begging to be allowed to lick His boots clean, puppy dog eyes pleading. On an almost weekly base there are meetings at a private exclusive Club in which those Masters can live their live as true Dominants and enjoy the Dominance over My boi too. The jobs are just to keep it busy in a hard physical way. All persons pictured within over I make sure My boi stays sexually aroused as much as possible Lust and craving for painplay as much as possible too Pain.

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The bowl is emptied of shit once or twice a week, so the dog just has to cope as best it can but inevitably a large amount of its own shit is also eaten as it tries to wolf down its daily tin of dog food.

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Some of our readers probably know you by your nickname "theDarkContainer" as you used to do your sessions in a shipping That sounds intensely. People can always ask personal questions to Me or to the boi.

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I think the most intense times I had with My boi is when we agreed that it would become My permanent slaveboy.

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