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We all know where it goes next. All work AND play! Then they all take turns! These horny Asian guys just can't tackle enough cock 'n cum! Quickly, the lad obeys and is soon devoured by the Master's demands down on your knees, suck my dick, lick the balls, now my hole, on your back, spread those cheeks. They are not afraid to blow their jaws up! A mad chase upstairs ensues and Chumnarn now must lick off the residue

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Sakol bones Chadet who rides it into the sunset, and studpuppy Somkuan more than has his way with Taweesak. Afternoon Delight Chua is lazily draped in front of the TV when his roommate, Chumnarn, grabs the last ice cream from the refrigerator. Chua begs for a bite at least so his buddy reluctantly relents resulting in half the cone being lobbed off by the greedy slug. The devoted lovers suck and fuck each other with devoted abandon until Phet finally lets loose with a load so big that it hits him in the face! Plunging, slow, fast, pushing to the limits. Who says there are not gay guys in Asia? Asian Invasion 4 Run and hide, lock your ass in the house, that is!

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