Argumens for gay rights

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Despite a general increase in support, many religious groups have actively opposed the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States. A system justification perspective on religious ideology. Participants indicated their endorsement of the following item: Drawing conclusions Same-sex marriage has already been legalised in 23 countries around the worldinhabited by more than million people. On the other hand, opposition may also be driven by sexual prejudice, which is defined as antipathy toward individuals and groups based on their sexual orientation Herek,

Jojanneke van der Toorn1, 2 John T.

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Participants indicated their religiosity on a continuum ranging from 1 not at all religious to 7 extremely religious. Converging lines of evidence also suggest that sexual orientation stigma and discrimination are at least associated with increased psychological distress and a generally decreased quality of life among lesbians and gay men. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology47 In our research, it is unclear whether sexual prejudice produced opposition to same-sex marriage in a downstream fashion, or whether opposition to same-sex marriage was itself a manifestation or component of sexual prejudice. An introduction to theory and research. In all likelihood, some of these relationships are reciprocal. Journal of Social Issues67

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These results are consistent with our hypotheses. The case of gay- and lesbian-related issues in Arkansas. Please review our privacy policy. Therefore, the psychological processes underlying religious and ideological opposition to same-sex marriage are of considerable theoretical and practical interest. Are needs to manage uncertainty and threat associated with political conservatism or ideological extremity? The benefits accrue to society as a whole, whether you are in a same-sex relationship or not. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin32