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John realised he had to get out. I'd never had anyone talk to me like that. As with Florence Kizza, the judge in charge of his case had decided that John would face no immediate danger if he returned to Uganda, changed his behaviour and moved to a different part of the country to live "discreetly". In January, the prominent gay-rights activist David Kato was murdered — beaten to death in his home by a hammer-wielding thug. She never heard from her girlfriend Susan again. Persecuted for being gay When Tinashe turned 15, the bullying at school became unbearable and he dropped out. After four months in Haslar, John was given leave to stay in the UK but the Home Office appealed against the decision.

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I looked very, very calm.

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Tinashe’s story: hope after persecution for being gay

We had to pretend and to be someone else. An anti-homosexuality bill, due to be discussed by parliament before June, advocates the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality" —ie for gay people with HIV practising sex, or gay people who have sex with someone under It is a comprehensive care and support package with the goal of preventing HIV among LGBT refugees, who often engage in high-risk sex work to survive. She ran out into the streets and got a taxi to a friend's house. We love each other and we will never give up on each other, whatever happens.

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In January, the prominent gay-rights activist David Kato was murdered — beaten to death in his home by a hammer-wielding thug. This was in spite of the fact that John's photograph had been printed on the front page of a national newspaper in Uganda only a few weeks before he was deported. In Julythe UK's Supreme Court categorically denounced the "discretion reasoning" that had been central to the rejection of both Florence's and John's refugee claims, ruling that the decision failed to recognise the human rights of homosexuals and breached the UN refugee convention. According to human rights organisations, abouthomosexuals live in the country, unable to admit their sexuality for fear of violent retribution either from the police or their own communities. I felt, I wish I could die now. Although the story she tells me is a horrific one, Florence does not show emotion as she recounts it, beyond a slight narrowing of the eyes, a glance to one side, a short pause in her narrative.

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