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I have sat with too many parents of kids who have committed suicide because their parents, church, or community didn't embrace them and love them. A declared Homosexual person cannot of their own volition become a heterosexual BUT can by the power of Christ abstain from the behavior and lifestyle to live a pure holy life. Email him for your own winning lottery numbers [ Allispellhelp1 gmail. A theological conviction should never be a catalyst to treat someone poorly. True Belovsd is nothing but close to a terrorist type of thinking and is far from a Christian.

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Are we able to call these practices and laws barbaric?

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When You Find Out Your Child Is Gay

But its hard reading articles like this knowing no hope will be found. Do not doubt it or equivocate on it. We love because He loved us first. Again, that's completely up to you guys. The worst kind of Christian is a leuke warm choose what suits me believer. Linda Brown May 19, at What you have to say holds a lot of weight coming from your background.

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I find it hard to belive how he says homosexuals should have their blood shed. When I found out I knew this would be a dilemma if they would decide to marry. There's a difference between acceptance and approval-- -Acceptance: Lives are being lost, and I HAVE to believe that no matter what, God values those lives so much more than being right or wrong on an issue. Personally, I plan to read the book and for a few years, have wrestled with how to best be a minister to many nobody else will give the time of day. I was searching for advise on what to do to get back my EX Husband, My story is about a woman who used to work with my husband in the same office, they were having secrete affair and i caught them, for that reason my we had to split, but i still love him but it seems he was deeply in lover with the other lady and he left me useless, after few weeks of searching for help, I came across Dr. I believe many Christians are fed up with the militant gays, not the ones who are hurting and just want to be loved.

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