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Some of our products are Our Own Brand, manufactured for us by OEM Quality Certified manufacturers in China that also produce components for many name brand products. Some of our products are NOT name brand products, nor do we claim them to be. While in some cases their outward appearance may be similar to nationally and internationally advertised products, these are our own items. Our Own Brand products are made to the same high quality standards of name brands, but do not have the high costs of advertising and promotion included in your cost. You are not paying for our name on a stadium or a blimp.


Our products can be delivered anytime from 2 – 14 days after you have purchased it. Once you have purchased your item you will be given a tracking number to keep tabs on your delivery.

Live Support & Chat

We have also added a live support chatroom incase you have any enquiries about any of the products on our website. I would like to also add that this chatroom can also be used for socialising and having fun if you will.

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